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How to get an EASA Part 145 approval

Are you thinking to apply for an EASA Part 145 approval? Are you wondering where should you send your application and what are the consequent steps to be done to get the approval? do you need to know how long it will take? and to understand about the costs? Here you will find your “how to” guidelines which will bring you to a full understanding of the whole process, its costs and the related timing.

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Can an A1 (Aircraft) Maintenance Organization issue an EASA Form 1 for an Engine?

EASA Form 1 are used to release engines and components by organizations approved with relevant engine and components class ratings (B1 or C7 for example). However a peculiar case allows A1 (Aircraft) rated organization to issue EASA Form 1 for components removed as serviceable from an EU Member State registered aircraft. The conditions for the application of this privilege are in this article described.

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Should a Part 145 always use up to dated manuals and maintenance data?

There are cases where a Maintenance Organisation is allowed to use old revision of maintenance data during the maintenance works. However in such a case, some conditions must be fulfilled. This article explains when the use of up to dated maintenance data is mandatory and when it is instead possible to use older revision of the manuals.

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