The EU-CHINA Aviation Partnership Project (APP) starts moving its initial steps towards the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) world.

In March 2017, a workshop between the EASA, the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) and the industry, took place in Beijing where topics relevant the exchange on regulatory developments, software tools for tracking and oversight of the drones, geo-fencing and several innovative ideas from the industry were presented and discussed.

During the workshop, the chinese express delivery company,  Shunfeng Express (SF-Express) shared its vision of using the drones for “uas-freighting” across the country.
The CAAC presented its “u-cloud”, a software for the UAS tracking and the EASA provided with some overview on the UAS regulatory works.

The chinese aviation sector is fast growing up and economic exchanges between the EU and China have generated more than 10 Euro billions in trade. Therefore the strategic interest is quite evident and that is why the European Commission provided to EASA a budget of 10 milions Euro to manage the APP project.

Here is the EU-China APP website and below further links to go into further details.

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