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A 360º view from a drone over Chicago

About me

I am a professional in civil aviation and I have been working all over the world with several companies. I have dealt with a wide range of issues relevant the EASA framework and what I have learned is that sometime things are not of easy understanding.

Therefore I thought that may be a good idea writing down those things I need to focus on for my own current interest, and those things I have already learned about, which can be now shared with you.

The aim of this blog is dual: sharing my knowledge in order to hopefully assist some of you and, finding out people who share an interest on topics within this blog, so that they will be perhaps willing to provide with a feedback, enriching the quality and the contents of the blog.

You might want to know why I am not promoting my image, myself and my name. This is to avoid potential conflicts with the Company I work with, which may unfortunately not understand and appreciate the sharing I am doing here.

Any contribute from your side will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much!

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