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How will Brexit affect aviation?

There are many rumours about the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Will Brexit be an hard or a soft one? what will be the impact on the aviation business?
From the European Commission, the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, the factual news make us thinking about an hard Brexit where what was before, will then be all gone.

Should a Part 145 always use up to dated manuals and maintenance data?

There are cases where a Maintenance Organisation is allowed to use old revision of maintenance data during the maintenance works. However in such a case, some conditions must be fulfilled. This article explains when the use of up to dated maintenance data is mandatory and when it is instead possible to use older revision of the manuals.

The Maintenance Planning Document (MPD)

This article explains what a Maintenance Planning Document is, where it is coming from, what it is used for and what its relationship with the Aircraft Maintenance Program is.