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What do rating classes A, B, C and D stand for?

The EASA uses classes and ratings to define the maintenance scope of its approved maintenance organisations.
A1, B1, C7, D1, for example, are codes in the certificate that are all referring to specific privileges. This article clarify their meanings.

Delegation of certification tasks, is it a good or a bad idea?

Some news claimed the FAA has delegated certification tasks to Boeing. As if it’s not enough, the aircraft manufacturer has hired low skill engineers to code the B737 Max software. If true, why did it happen? Will the FAA change its policy? Should the passengers push the government toward a more reliable policy in the civil aviation products certification. Few personal comments.

Are hangar doors always required?

The article explains why the EASA requires hangar doors for MROs involved in Heavy Maintenance and what are the conditions that may exempt some MRO from meeting such a requirement.

Products, parts and appliances, what do they are?

If you have ever struggled to find out where the definition of products, parts and appliances is, welcome to the club. This article will finally provide you with the exact meaning of such terms, that often recur in all the EASA regulation framework.

How will Brexit affect aviation?

There are many rumours about the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union. Will Brexit be an hard or a soft one? what will be the impact on the aviation business?
From the European Commission, the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport, the factual news make us thinking about an hard Brexit where what was before, will then be all gone.

Which license can be used to carry out EASA maintenance works outside the EU?

The chance to authorise engineers holding a non-Part-66 license makes the business more easy though still safe. MRO located outside the EU may then support the maintenance of EU registered aircraft grounded overseas by employing personnel holding a valid ICAO license, even though it is not an EASA Part 66 AML.

How to get an EASA Part 145 approval

Are you thinking to apply for an EASA Part 145 approval? Are you wondering where should you send your application and what are the consequent steps to be done to get the approval? do you need to know how long it will take? and to understand about the costs? Here you will find your “how to” guidelines which will bring you to a full understanding of the whole process, its costs and the related timing.

Should a Part 145 always use up to dated manuals and maintenance data?

There are cases where a Maintenance Organisation is allowed to use old revision of maintenance data during the maintenance works. However in such a case, some conditions must be fulfilled. This article explains when the use of up to dated maintenance data is mandatory and when it is instead possible to use older revision of the manuals.

How to break the rule

Are there conditions dictated by unforeseen urgent operational circumstances or operational needs making possible an exemption from the EASA rules? Yes, there are.

What are the safest airlines in the world?

Is it really possible to scientifically determine whether an airline is safe or not? Well, this is actually what a private Company (JACDEC) claims to do. In this article it is explained how their system works and what are the safest airlines in the world, according to them.